Frequently asked Questions


1) What are the credit card processing fees and are fees dependent on the type  of card used

Our  credit card processing merchant rates are based on your annual volume  and  how  you  qualify  after  underwriting. 

2) Is your service capable of doing both debit & credit or just debit?

Yes, our credit card processing service is capable of doing both signature debit and credit. We do offer a *PIN entry debit as a stand alone product but the fees ,are a bit different. 

*PIN entry debit carries a $5 convenience fee (charged to your customer) but no other merchant rates or fees. This service only works with Visa, MasterCard, and Pulse cards though. 

3) How does the debit/credit hardware/software interact with our existing equipment/software?

The software/hardware you are currently using is completely compatible with our equipment. It does not effect your POS system software because the credit  card  processing  and  debit  card  processing  transactions are completely separate from your POS/inventory management software. 

4) Will your company provide installation of the equipment, will we need to hire a local technician,

 Our equipment is completely “plug and play”. It arrives preprogrammed, simply plug your merchant terminal into your Ethernet cable (unless you want wireless terminals) and get processing. (Someone from your location would need to contact our IT department when your equipment arrives for the initial activation but otherwise you are ready to go!)

5) Do you offer IT support in the event we run into issues with the system?

Of course, our IT team is available during normal business hours Monday thru Saturday. 

6) When would we receive our funds from the days business?

Batch deposits are made at the close of the business day. Depending on your bank, the funds are typically available for use the next morning.